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Portable Massage Gun with attachments. Ultra Gun by Kingsfield Fitness
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  • ACTIVATE MUSCLES: Use the Kingsfield Fitness ULTRA Massage Gun before workout to help activate muscles effectively. 
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND RECOVER FASTER: After an intense workout, use the Kingsfield Fitness ULTRA massage gun to target precise muscle groups.  
  • 4 DIFFERENT ATTACHMENTS: The Kingsfield ULTRA Massage Gun comes with 4 different attachments, allowing for optimal massage on each individual muscle group. 
  • RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: The Kingsfield ULTRA Gun lasts up to three hours of massage use on a single charge. This varies based on the vibration setting used most frequently on the massage gun. 
  • CUTTING EDGE 6 SPEED TECHNOLOGY: Choose between 6 different vibration speeds to find the best fit for your muscles. The Kingsfield ULTRA Gun gun goes up to 3200 RPM, allowing for maximum muscle relief. (Level 1: 1200 RPM, Level 2: 1600 RPM, Level 3: 2000 RPM, Level 4: 2400 RPM, Level 5: 2800 RPM, Level 6: 3200 RPM)
  • TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY: Our innovative, touch screen display allows for a better user experience. 


Benefits to a Massage Therapist:

Save your hands the excess stress by using the Kingsfield ULTRA Massage Gun. Your clients will get targeted percussive therapy up to 3600 RPM. By using this massage gun, you will be able to provide better, more precise massage to your clients. 

Benefits to an Athlete:

Don't have a trainer to give you a massage 24/7? By having this massage gun, you will have your own personal massage available before, during, or after games or competition.  

Get Ready to Supercharge Your Recovery!

The Kingsfield ULTRA Massage Gun is very similar to the Hyperice Hypervolt and Theragun massage guns. All have multiple speeds and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. The Kingsfield ULTRA Gun can help you recover faster and gain a competitive edge on your opponents. Try our massage gun risk free for 30 days! 

Some looks like a power tool, and can sound like one, too. But ours is quiet, and our innovative touch screen is world class. 

Meet the ULTRA massage gun, the hot new trend that just may be landing in a gym near you. Over the last couple of years, more and more people have grown aware of the need to recover more effectively. Various methods have grown popular to do that, with everything from foam rollers to vibration therapies to standard massage landing in gyms.

Several pro athletes have been seen using massage guns during games, and it is becoming more common for the average person to add these into their routine. 

Professional athletes aren't the only ones using massage guns to keep their bodies in top shape. Also known as percussive therapy, physical therapists have been using these massage guns on clients for recent years and the results have been strong. If you train hard and are looking for an edge, a way to recover more quickly and get into your workouts more aggressively, a massage gun is a device you should consider.

What Exactly Is a Massage Gun?

The massage gun trend is a relatively recent one in the fitness industry. You’ve used foam rollers before, and vibrating foam rollers appeared on the market three or four years ago. The science behind these foam rollers is that the vibrations trigger a brain body connection, which helps to relax tight muscles.

How to Use The Kingsfield ULTRA Massage Gun:

Before Your Workout: 

Massage guns are primarily thought of as “recovery” tools in today’s fitness culture, but you can use them for either situation. In fact, using them as a warmup tool helps get you off the hook of that dreaded foam rolling ordeal.

In theory, the percussive therapy is doing a few specific things you want in a warmup. First off, it’s increasing blood flow to your targeted muscles. Also, the pulsating is turning on your sympathetic nervous system, the system that preps your body for activity and sport, thus activating muscle groups. 

To use the massage gun to prime for a workout, take aim at the muscle group you’re going to train. So if you’re going to bench press, you’ll want to hit your pecs, or if you’re going to do pulldowns and rows, you’ll want to hit your lats. Spend 30 seconds on working along the muscle belly only; never venture toward a joint. Stay on the thickest part of the muscle. Work back and forth along the span of each muscle.

Before you get started, turn it on, so that the head begins pulsing. Then move it along the desired muscle that you’re trying to loosen or warm up. There’s never a need to press extra-hard with your massage gun; let the vibration technology do the work. When you find a trigger point, or a tight, knotted area of muscle that’s a little more painful and sensitive than the rest of the muscle, keep the massage gun on that area, just as you would with a foam roller.

Move your massage gun slowly along the muscle. There’s no need to rush the process. Enjoy the massage.

During Your Workout / Competition: 

Between sets, you can also take advantage of a massage gun, loosening tense, tight areas so you can get more out of your next set. For example, you may feel your chest tighten slightly after a set of bench press reps and be tempted to stretch. But research tells us that statically stretching a muscle may decrease potential and force output. Instead, use your massage gun for 15 seconds on a muscle area that feels tense. This should increase blood flow and excite the muscle, loosening it again for the rest of your workout.

After Your Workout:

When you’re done with your workout, your body’s in a heightened state. But a massage gun can, in theory, help you relax your nervous system. The sooner you fire up your parasympathetic nervous system, which helps govern rest and relaxation, the sooner your body shifts into recovery mode.

To use the massage gun to do this, fire it up and spend 90 to 120 seconds moving up and down each muscle group. Again, you’re doing this throughout the muscle belly, not near joints. This will help relax your muscles.