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Kingsfield ULTRA Gun
Kingsfield ULTRA Gun
Portable Massage Gun with attachments. Ultra Gun by Kingsfield Fitness
Kingsfield Fitness Ultra Gun Massage Gun Case
Massage Gun Kingsfield Ultra Gun

Kingsfield ULTRA Gun

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  • ACTIVATE MUSCLES: Use the Kingsfield Fitness ULTRA Massage Gun before your workout to help activate muscles effectively. 
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND RECOVER FASTER: After an intense workout, use the Kingsfield Fitness ULTRA massage gun to target, precise muscle groups.  
  • 4 DIFFERENT ATTACHMENTS: The Kingsfield ULTRA Massage Gun comes with 4 different attachments, allowing for optimal massage on each individual muscle group. 
  • RECHARGEABLE LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: The Kingsfield ULTRA Gun lasts up to three hours of massage use on a single charge. This varies based on the vibration setting used most frequently on the massage gun. 
  • CUTTING EDGE 6 SPEED TECHNOLOGY: Choose between 6 different vibration speeds to find the best fit for your muscles. The Kingsfield ULTRA Gun gun goes up to 3200 RPM, allowing for maximum muscle relief. (Level 1: 1200 RPM, Level 2: 1600 RPM, Level 3: 2000 RPM, Level 4: 2400 RPM, Level 5: 2800 RPM, Level 6: 3200 RPM)
  • TOUCH SCREEN DISPLAY: Our innovative, touch screen display allows for better user experience.