20 minute full body workout

20 Minute Full Body Workout

By reading this article you will get the following:

  • 1. Why should you consider a 20 minute workout
  • 2. Why do we exercise in the first place
  • 3. Why are workouts normally 1 hour long?
  • 4. 3 examples of a full body 20 minute workout
  • 5. Other tips on how to improve your overall fitness20 Minute Full Body Workout

1. Why should you consider a 20 minute workout?  

A 20 minute precisely targeted workout can give you more time for other things throughout the day. As our lives become busier and busier, this 20 minute workout routine can help give you more time with your families, help you focus more on your career, or give you more free time to focus on doing the things you love. 

We are not here to say that a 20 minute workout is better than an hour workout. Both can be great options. What we are here to tell you is that you can achieve the same results by minimizing your rest periods and focusing on targeting specific muscle groups in your 20 minute workout routine. 

Best 20 minute workout

2. Why do we workout in the first place?

The reason that we should be working out is to get our bodies to perform our daily tasks pain free as well as extend our lives. Conventional exercise routines are typically 1 hour long, but let's examine why that could be. Our 20 minute full body workout routine is predicated on the ability to work different muscle groups without the extended rest periods. By isolating specific muscle groups, this will make ensure that the muscle groups are fully rested when their time is called to perform.

Muscle isolation 20 minute workout example

This 20 minute workout will also give you excellent cardio results without having to add in a 20 minute jog or bike at the end of your workout. Why would you want to run and put excess stress on your body just to get your heart rate up? Why not combine your workout with cardio to ensure that your blood is flowing to get both benefits of strength training and cardio in the same amount of time, with a lot less stress on your body!  

Cardio 20 minute workout

3. Why are workouts normally 1 hour long?

The simple answer is this is the way it is always been. Conventional wisdom is to do 3 sets and rest 2 minutes in between sets. What if you could work other muscle groups while you were resting? Our targeted 20 minute full body workout routine will do just that. You will be able to get the same benefits of an hour long workout in just 20 minutes. 

20 minute training workout

Another reason why workouts are 20 minutes long is because it benefits the trainer. Training is an industry. Trainers get paid for the hour. They are not incentivized to shorten your workout

4. 3 examples of a full body 20 minute workout.


20 Minute Full Body Workout by Pamela Reif:

Part 1

Squat jumps: 30 seconds

Jumping Jacks: 30 seconds

Plank Jacks: 30 seconds

Mountain Climbers: 30 seconds

Squat w/ Side leg lift: 30 seconds

Squat Jumps: 30 seconds

Push ups: 30 seconds

Up&Down Plank: 30 seconds

Straight leg Right kickback: 30 seconds

Str8 leg Left kickback: 30 seconds

Side plank Right pull: 30 seconds

Side plank Left Pull: 30 seconds

1 Minute Break

Part 2:

Lay down pushup: 30 seconds

Superman: 30 seconds

Superman Pull: 30 seconds

T Rotation: 30 seconds

Push up on knees: 30 seconds

Inner leg lift left: 30 seconds

Outer leg lift right: 30 seconds

Inner leg lift Right: 30 seconds

Outer leg lift left: 30 seconds

T rotation: 30 seconds

Superman: 30 seconds

Plank: 30 seconds

1 Minute Break

Part 3

Leg glute bridge right: 30 seconds

1 leg glute bridge leg: 30 seconds

Glute bridge: 30 seconds

Reverse crunch: 30 seconds

Roll ins: 30 seconds

Dips: 30 seconds

Reverse plank: 30 seconds

Flutter kicks: 30 seconds

Toe taps: 30 seconds

Dips: 30 seconds

Tricep pushups on knees: 30 seconds

Cross Mountain Spider Plank: 30 seconds



20 Minute Beginners Workout by Pamela Reif

For a less experiences fitness person, this beginner's routine may be a better starting point. Try this one from Pamela if you are looking for a little less intensity but still want a 20 minute full body workout!

"Finally: a workout suitable for BEGINNERS.

What makes this 'beginner friendly'?

1. I used BASIC movements, that are not too complicated or hard to perform

2. the workout sequences REPEAT, giving you a chance to get used to the movements & get a better feeling for them

3. a couple of BREAKS. Haha I know you wanted them! The workout sequences are only between 2 or 4 minutes long. Then it's time to catch a breath!

4. includes warm up exercises

5. includes a cool down sequence in the end But let's make this clear: I was still feeling a serious burn in my muscles and I was still sweating ♥︎

This video is super effective and especially the SLOWNESS gives you so much room to perform everything concentrated, thinking of the exact muscles you want to train. The burn was seriously insane for me!

No Equipment necessary and not much space needed :) The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing 30s for each exercise.

I recommend switching up your workouts to give your muscles enough time to recover and to hit them from different angles. If you want to challenge your muscles more: check out my Sixpack Video, 20min Booty Workout, Sexy Arm Trainings or the Calorie Burn Session! Those ones are quicker & harder. But try your best!" -Pamela Reif

20 Minute Full Body Workout- No Equipment needed - MadFit

Follow Madi in this 20 minute full body routine. She does an excellent job describing each exercise and reminding you to keep the core engaged throughout! This 20 minute workout also reminds you to focus on the specific muscle groups that you should be engaging in each exercise. 

Skip the gym and try this full body 20 minute workout at home! 

5. Other tips on how to improve your overall fitness

Focus on your diet- We would be remised to say that this workout routine will give you results if your diet is poor. Read this article on tips for best diet practices and how a poor diet can impact your training routine. 

Consider getting your workout done in the morning- That way, your muscles will continue to burn calories throughout the day. 

Focus on getting adequate sleep- Failing to get adequate sleep can be detrimental to your overall fitness routine. 

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