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Vibrating Foam Roller Vs Traditional Foam Roller

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Kingsfield Spark Vibrating Foam Roller vs Competitors

Vibrating foam roller Kingsfield Spark

Kingsfield Spark

Speeds: 4

Battery Life: Up to 3 Hours

Price: $129

Hyperice vibrating foam roller

Hyperice Vyper

Speeds: 4

Battery Life: Up to 2 Hours

Price: $199

TB12 vibrating foam roller

TB12 Vibrating Foam Roller

Speeds: 4

Battery Life: Up to 3 Hours

Price: $160

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Customer Reviews

This vibrating foam roller is half the price of the others I found and works amazing. I was having a lot of back pain after working out and using this vibrating foam roller really helped. This roller is much more effective than anything I have used before. I would recommend this roller to anyone that wants to recover better!

Blake, Iowa

I love this product! I heavy lift and run almost everyday, I’ve been using regular foam rollers for years until I decided to jump on this one. It makes a world of difference. It’s lightweight, extremely effective, and the battery life lasts longer than expected. The 4 vibrating speeds make for easy adjustment depending on the area you are rolling out. 

Josh, New York

The kingsfield Fitness vibrating foam roller has quickly become a main stay in my recovery. After a long flight or long workout this is my go to for recovery.

Brian, California