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Benefits of Wearing Compression Clothing During Workout

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What is Compression Clothing?

Compression clothing - Kingsfield

Compression clothing.. We're sure you've seen it at the gym. You may even own some.  But why should you be using compression apparel during your workout? Compression apparel is an effective way to compliment your current exercise routine by increasing blood-flow to your muscles.  


Why You Should Wear Compression Clothing During Workout: 

Compression Gear For Athletes

Compression apparel is becoming much more widely used among athletes of all levels. Why is this? Athletes are using compression apparel to ultimately give them a better chance of achieving their goals, and so should you. 
Similar to spandex shorts, compression shorts are made up of a stretchy material that forms to your body and produces compression (pressure) in your butt and thighs.
Numerous studies have examined the impact of compression shorts on athletic performance and injury prevention, and many found benefits of such compression garments for athletes. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider wearing compression apparel during workout: 
1. Reduced Muscle Soreness
Muscle Soreness

Using compression apparel during workouts helps improve athletic performance by reducing fatigue. Studies show that wearing compression shorts helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during and after workouts, resulting in more effective and efficient performance without feeling the delayed muscle soreness (DOMS) that so often accompanies our workouts. 
2. Muscle Strain Prevention. 
Muscle Strain Prevention

Studies also show that compression shorts can help reduce your risk for muscle strains. Furthermore, compression garments can help with muscle strain recovery. If you are prone to muscle strains or want to reduce your risk of getting one, consider adding the right compression apparel to help. 

3. Improved Perceived Exertion.
Muscle Exertion
When you're training for competitive sports, endurance races, or an improved overall health, it's beneficial to have lower perceived exertion (a more effortless workout). Doing so can make training sessions more bearable, and can improve athletic performance. Taking the strain off your joints can help reduce the risk of overuse injury and help you achieve your goals quicker.
4. Increased Power and Explosiveness. 
Muscle Explosiveness

Want more power during and after workouts, and better jumping ability? Compression tights may help improve jumping performance in athletes after endurance events. According to Runner's World, compression gear makes it easier to regain maximum jumping ability post-workout, which is a bonus when you're looking to get back on the track, field, or court after an intense workout. 

5. Enhanced Muscle Oxygenation.

Your muscles need oxygen to function properly during workouts. Compression garments are designed to increase the amount of oxygen that they receive, according to a publication by Research Gate. Compression are designed to promote blood flow and improve oxygenation of muscle tissue, which can enhance athletic performance during short bouts of exercise.

6. Comfort. 
While compression shorts do apply pressure to your butt and thigh area, many athletes find such garments quite comfortable with little wind resistance. Compression shorts cause less chafing and friction than more traditional athletic shorts, plus they won't ride up when you're running, squatting, doing sit-ups, or stretching, among other activities.
7. Groin Support
Need a little extra groin support, or need a sturdy place to hold a cup? There are specially made compression garments just this purpose. They provide a convenient, comfortable way to protect sensitive body parts while you train or compete. Shorts with cup pockets are perfect for baseball, hockey, and football players who need extra protection, but don't want to sacrifice comfort.

Why You Should Wear Compression Clothing After Workout:

1. Improved Muscle Strength Recovery


Even when you're lifting weights (or participating in other forms of strength-training workouts), compression shorts provide you with performance and muscle recovery benefits. A 2014 study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise found that compression garments promote muscle strength recovery after bouts of resistance training.

2. More Efficient Recovery After Exercise. 


Recovering from strenuous exercise can be a lengthy process and muscle soreness is more likely to occur when you're new to intense training sessions. Luckily, compression shorts can aid in muscle recovery after strenuous workouts. Pressure (compression) garments may have greater advantages to improve recovery following a competition or exercise. 


We are in full control of our health and wellness. Whether you are an athlete, running a marathon, or a weekend warrior, you've probably experienced some sort of muscle soreness. In order to take the appropriate steps to help compensate for these muscle imbalances and muscle soreness, we must be properly educated on the tools and techniques that can be effectively applied. 

Wearing compression apparel can be an effective way to compliment your exercise and active recovery routine. Compression apparel can have a positive impact on your delayed muscle onset soreness (DOMS). 

Compression apparel can help with muscle performance, injury prevention, and active recovery. Not everyone has access to a trainer or massage therapist 24/7. Knowing how to properly use tools like compression apparel can help save you time and money. If you've tried or currently use compression apparel, we'd love to hear your results! 


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