Vibrating Foam Roller

How to Foam Roll


Why Should You Use a Foam Roller? 

You may have said to yourself "I already stretch, why do I need to foam roll too?" The answer is simple. Our skeletal system is composed of muscle, bone, joints, and ligaments all working together to help us move. From a mechanical standpoint, bones are levers and muscles are pulleys: When one shortens, the opposite lengthens. 

Therefore, after many workouts, the body can suffer muscular imbalances rather easily, restricting blood flow and range of motion in the process. The fascia or the material that surrounds our nerves, bones, and muscles can tighten up in certain areas of the body. 

These muscular imbalances can be resolved through myofascial release with the correct foam rolling routine. 

New to foam rolling or have questions? Here are some tips to help.

Foam Rolling Tips:

  • Roll at a rate of about one inch per second.
  • Use a foam roller to help warm up the body for exercise. 
  • Never roll over a bone! Just over muscles. 
  • Roll muscles both vertically and horizontally (imagine your muscles being like pizza dough)
  • For maximum blood flow, roll towards the heart. 
  • Start small. Find the minimum effective dosage required to make you feel good!

Advanced Tip: 

  • Try to activate the muscle being rolled at a rate of one pulse per second. This activation and release will further assist in lengthening the muscle being worked on. 


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