Resistance Bands vs Weight Training | Kingsfield Fitness

Resistance Bands vs Weight Training | Kingsfield Fitness


  • How resistance bands compare vs traditional weight training with heavy weights
  • Why resistance bands can improve strength while reducing chance of injury
  • Suggested exercises that can be performed with resistance bands
  • A link to purchase a set of 4 resistance bands to add to your fitness repertoire.   

We all know the traditional method of working out. Everything is weight based. 10-20 minutes to warmup and get your heart rate elevated, followed by 30-40 minutes of lifting weights, then cardio to finish. Mondays and Thursdays are scheduled leg days and Tuesday and Fridays are upper body days. 

It is undeniable that lifting weights builds thicker, denser muscles and makes you stronger. The reality is that if you do anything in life in which you invest time and effort, whether its reading books, lifting weights, or scuba diving. The problem is that this approach can lead to muscle imbalances. Imbalances can lead to injury. That is why at Kingsfield Fitness, we believe in a balanced approach to strength training - one that emphasizes from first, and minimizes stress that is put on joints. 

The goal of traditional weight training is to increase maximum strength - which is different from optimal strength. Maximum strength is doing more reps of higher weights - where as optimal strength is the strength that you need to carry out the job you have to do. 

Heavy weight lifting is a man made phenomenon, meaning it is not natural to the human body. 99% of the world's population doesn't need to lift hundreds of pounds of weight at once. But often, our society takes its cues from athletes. The heavy weight lifting model has been glorified in society - through the use of social media, advertisements, and idolizing these people. 

Thankfully, there are ways to achieve strength gains without the added stress on your muscles or joints. Incorporating resistance bands into your routine is one of them. In fact, up to 90% of Tom Brady's workouts are done with resistance bands. 

Most people have a fixed mindset on how resistance bands work. Many would be surprised to find our that resistance bands actually perform functionally better than weights do in terms of resistance, versatility, and maximizing efficiency.

Resistance bands allow for a deep fluid, range of motion during exercise. This helps build strength and power while keeping your muscles longer, and making them less dense than they would be during conventional heavy weight training. Resistance bands can also help limit inflammation. They allow for aerobic conditioning while complementing increased mobility. By mimicking the body's natural, everyday movements without overload, bands allow for a more balanced approach to strength training. Together with mobility, resistance allow for a more sustainable fitness routine, and can extend your career by limiting injury from overload. 

Try adding resistance band exercises to your fitness routine in place of heavy weights. Some examples of exercises you can do:

  • Chest - Pushups
  • Arms - Triceps Push Down
  • Arms - Bicep Curls
  • Glutes / Quad - Back Squats
  • Glute Medius / Quad- Lateral Squats
  • Core Strengthening - Paloff Press
  • Back - Band Face Pulls 

Click here to purchase a set of 4 resistance bands. 

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