The Power of Positivity

The Power of Positivity


  • Importance of having a positive mindset
  • Belief that you control your own destiny
  • Recommendations that can be applied by you


Each day when YOU wake up, YOU have a choice on what YOU want YOUR outlook to be. Choose to be an active participant in YOUR decision to feel as healthy as possible at all times. YOU need to work hard to control the things that are in your control: YOUR work ethic, how YOU treat YOUR body, and YOUR attitudes. YOU can't control things that happen around YOU. Sometimes things won't go YOUR way, but YOU can still make the choice to have a positive mindset.

Meditation and mindfulness, when applied daily for at least 20 days in a row can lead to increased happiness. Studies have shown that meditation can lead to a one second quicker response between a stimuli and a reaction. Below are some recommendations that can help. 


Cultivating the right mind-set and attitude also means making time to center yourself in today's society. We are constantly exposed to stimuli. Set some time everyday - Five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour - to bring yourself back to center. For some people this takes the form of meditation. For others, getting lost in a task or a hobby such as washing the dishes works in a similar way. Find what works best for you. 


1. FIND A CHAIR: Place both feet on the floor, shift your shoulders back, chest up, and hold your neck long and your head high.

2. FOCUS ON YOUR BREATHING: (1 MIN) By changing your breath, you change your state of being. A good method is to do a breathing exercise with three sets of 30 breaths each with a pause in between each set. 

3. THINK GRATITUDE: (3 MIN) Think of three things you’re grateful for right now. They can be from your past, your present or your future. When you think of the first thing, create as clear an image of that moment as possible, stepping into it with your mind. After about a minute, go to the next thing, then the next. *Pro tip: Make one of these things simple, like a child’s smile or someone saying “thank you” who really meant it. Even on bad days, you can find something small and meaningful to be grateful for. 

4. VISUALIZE: (3 MIN) Now comes the part that’s like a blessing or a prayer. It can be as spiritual as you want it to be. You can imagine a colored light coming down and filling your body, healing anything – body, thoughts, feelings – that needs to be healed. Imagine that any problem in your life is being solved. Ask for the best parts of you to be strengthened.  

5. THINK LONG TERM: (3 MIN) Now think about the three outcomes or goals that you want the most. These are things that will excite you once they’re complete. Now imagine that they’re done. Celebrate that feeling of completion and victory, visualize how it will impact those around you. As with gratitude, go through each outcome one by one, fully experiencing the feeling of success. Remember, your mind can't tell the difference between imagining and reality if you train it properly. 

Do this every morning for two weeks straight and you'll be amazed at the results. 

Another great resource can be youtube videos like this one. 

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