Kingsfield Fitness | Iron Crew Podcast

Kingsfield Fitness | Iron Crew Podcast

Owner David Parrottino sits down with Danny Burde, founder or Iron Crew Athletics, to talk about mobility, foam rolling, and all things fitness on this awesome podcast.

Danny Burde is a CrossFit coach at NC Fit, located in Redwood City, California. Danny has a strong passion for health and fitness and is an excellent voice behind the microphone. 

His love for exercise continued throughout college, where he played football at San Jose State University as a running back.  Danny double majored in Psychology and Kinesiology, with an emphasis on teaching.

Over the years Danny has developed a vast knowledge base of physical, emotional, and psychological health and fitness.  This knowledge has come through experience, training, and experimentation.  Danny's goal is to hope you enjoy all of the information he has to share! 

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