Sitting is the New Smoking: Combat Poor Circulation with Kingsfield Infinity Boots

Sitting is the New Smoking: Combat Poor Circulation with Kingsfield Infinity Boots

In modern society, the emergence of prolonged sitting has become an overwhelming concern. Our current sedentary lifestyle poses significant risks to our health, often leading to issues like poor circulation and fatigue.

Recognizing this modern-day dilemma, Kingsfield Fitness set out to solve this. Powered by our advanced pneumatic compression technology, our Infinity Boots are designed to help you increase circulation, while still being able to get your work tasks done. 

Here are the top 3 ways Kingsfield's Infinity Boots can help you working from home:

  1. Boost Your Circulation: 

    • Kingsfield's Infinity Boots, driven by air compression technology, actively increase circulation to your legs and into your lymphatic system. Experience a surge of energy and bid farewell to the sluggishness associated with prolonged sitting.

  2. Revive Your Work Breaks:

    • Transform your work breaks into moments of rejuvenation with Kingsfield's Infinity Boots. Slip into these boots and let the pneumatic compression technology increase your circulation, leaving you recharged and ready to tackle the rest of your day. 

  3. Actively Counteract Sitting Fatigue:

    • Combat the common concern of sitting fatigue with Infinity Boots. Actively counteract weariness by enhancing circulation and promoting blood flow. Turn your sitting hours into an opportunity for increased vitality.

Adding Kingsfield's Infinity Boots into your work from home routine will help you be healthier and have a much more energized workday.



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