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Kingsfield Infinity Slides

Kingsfield Infinity Slides

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A transformative, sustainably designed slide for active recovery.

Washable. Quick drying. Ultra durable.

  • Advanced Foot Flexion
  • Made with Cushioning EVA Foam
  • All orders are shipped from Nashville, TN


    Kingsfield Infinity Slides follow standard sizing for running shoes. The shoe size chart should therefore reflect your normal fit. 


    For a narrow foot, go one size down (ex. if you typically wear size 10.5 - select size 10).

    For a wider foot, go one size up (ex. if you typically wear size 10 - select size 11). 

    Still have questions regarding sizing? Please feel free to reach out at or (248)923-1376. 

    infinity slides

    infinity slides in gym

    infinity slides on turf gym


    • Infinity Foam Technology - Our revolutionary technology absorbs 40% more impact than traditional footwear. We use foam materials to reduce the stress on your feet, joints & back. Also, our EVA foam is machine washable and designed to minimize odor.
    • Patented Footbed - Our patented footbed cradles and supports arches to reduce energy exertion in the ankles by up to 51% compared to competitors’ footwear. So walking is easier. Recovery is faster. And YOU feel better.
    • Backed by Science - Research shows Infinity Slides reduce load, decrease compressive forces, and support foot mobility when compared to traditional footwear. 
    • Made for Recovery - When you’re always on the go, the demand on your joints can translate into fatigue, muscle tightness & pain. At Kingsfield, we don’t want to slow you down. Our slides are designed to help your body work less—so you can do more.
    • Finding Your Size - For your perfect fit, consult the sizing chart in the images above! Wear a half size? In general, we recommend that women who wear a ½ size size up, and men who wear a ½ size size down.


    "I have planter fasciitis and the minute I put them on I can walk without pain. They are like magic slippers."

    - Dan, Texas

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